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1094 b

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110116 Form1094BDepartment of the Treasury Internal Revenue Service OMB No. 15452252Transmittal of Health Coverage Information Returns2022Go to www.irs.gov/Form1094B for instructions and the latest
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Comments and Help with 1094 b

Who needs Form 1094-B?

This form is used by all individuals who file Form 1095-B. Its main purpose is informative.

What is the purpose of Form 1094-B?

The Transmittal of Health Coverage Information Returns is sent to the IRS to inform the total amount of all submitted Forms 1095-B, Health Coverage. The Health Coverage Form serves as proof that a taxpayer was covered by the minimum essential coverage. According to US law every individual must have minimum essential coverage for each month.

What documents must accompany Form 1094-B?

This form should be sent together with Form 1095-B. A separate submission is not needed.

How long does it take to fill the form out?

This is a one-page form, and it takes up to five minutes to complete it.

What information should be provided in Form 1094-B?

The person who fills out the form has to provide the following details:

  • First name
  • Employer Identification Number
  • Name and telephone number of the contact person
  • Address (street, city, state, country and ZIP)
  • Total number of submitted Forms 1095-B
  • The preparer also has to sign the form, indicate their title and date it.
  • The information provided in Form 1094-B must fully correspond to the data in Form 1095-B.

What do I do with the form after its completion?

The completed Form 1094-B is forwarded to the appropriate IRS office.

Video instructions and help with filling out and completing 1094 b
Instructions and Help about 1094 b form
Hello this video is about filing forms 1095 be and 1094 be I will cover the following topics in this video key points of form 1095 be a walkthrough of each of the four parts of form 1095 B and a review of the fields on Form 1094 be one of the provisions of the Affordable Care Act is the individual mandate which serves as the basis for form 1095 be reporting the individual mandate states that each individual must have minimum essential coverage for each month or qualify for an exemption or pay a penalty this penalty is called the individuals shared responsibility payment form 1095 B is an information return filed by health care insurers and self-insuring employers with less than 50 full-time equivalent employees the purpose of this form is to allow taxpayers to establish an IRS to verify the taxpayers recovered by minimum essential coverage form 1094 B is the transmittal that is used to summarize the total number of 1095 BS sent to the IRS in one batch let's get started reviewing each part of form 1095 be part 1 reports information about the responsible individual the responsible individual is the taxpayer who would be liable for the individual shared responsibility payment for the covered individuals in line 1 you enter the name of this taxpayer line to should include the responsible individuals social security number or taxpayer identification number enter the responsible individuals date of birth in line 3 only in the case where line two is blank lines four through seven should include the responsible individuals address line 9 which is the small business health options program marketplace identifier should be left blank for 2015 let's go back to line 8 now enter the origin of policy in line 8 there are six possible codes that can be entered on this line code an is for the small business health options program better known as shop code B is for employer-sponsored coverage code C is a government-sponsored program code D is for individual market insurance code e is a multi-employer plan commonly used for reporting by unions and code f is any other designated minimum essential coverage part to a form 1095 be reports information about the employers sponsoring the coverage enter the name employer identification number and address for the employer sponsoring the coverage if line eight in part one is either code a or code be complete part two there is an exception to this rule however employers reporting self-insured group health plan coverage enter code be on line 8 but then should skip part 2 the reason for this is that a self-insured employer is considered the provider in this case and provider information is reported in part 3 a self-insured employer is an employer who has liability for all employee claims incurred and pays each claim if line 8 equals code c d e or f you can skip part 2 in part 3 you report the information about the coverage provider which is actually the filer of form 1095 be you list the name employer identification number and...


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